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Signorina Talks

Apr 12, 2021

In episode 1, season 2 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa chats to Paola Bombardieri, Christian Reitano and Olivia Zagari who serve as past and current presidents of the Melbourne University Italian Social Club (Club).

The Club was born in 1959, the year in which the Italian language was first taught at the University of Melbourne. Governed by a voluntary executive and general committee, it hosts a range of cultural and language-based events including food days, film screenings, bocce and scopa games. It also works with other Victorian university Italian clubs to organise the annual Italian Ball and Boat Cruise.

Listen along to learn more about Italo-Australian youth culture as well as the past, present and future work of the Club.

Host: Annalisa Cercone (Signorina Melbourne)

Guest: Paola Bombardieri, Christian Reitano and Olivia Zagari (Melbourne University Italian Social Club)