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Signorina Talks

May 3, 2021

In episode 2, season 2 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa chats to longtime friend and architectural wiz, Natalie Chiodo. Natalie is a tutor at the University of Melbourne and a technical editor at the Australian Institute of Architects.

Natalie talks about the architectural styles in Italy that have made their way to...

Apr 12, 2021

In episode 1, season 2 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa chats to Paola Bombardieri, Christian Reitano and Olivia Zagari who serve as past and current presidents of the Melbourne University Italian Social Club (Club).

The Club was born in 1959, the year in which the Italian language was first taught at the University of...

Apr 5, 2021

In episode 12 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa chats to Maria Pasquale, an award-winning food and travel writer based in Rome.

Maria is a proud Italo-Australian and the creator of the blog HeartRome with readers in over 100 countries. She contributes regularly to USA Today, CNN, Fodor’s, and The Telegraph. In 2017 she...

Mar 22, 2021

In episode 11 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa chats to Nornie Bero, head chef and business owner of Mabu Mabu, a Torres Strait Islander food business based in Melbourne.

Nornie is originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait and has been a professional chef for over 20 years. She talks about her experience working in...

Mar 1, 2021

In episode 10 of Signorina Talks, Annalisa sits down with Paola Lachimia, known as Nonna Paola, with her son Greg and grandson Mitchell.

Nonna Paola is much loved and adored worldwide for her radiant smile, bold personality, kind heart and hatred for tattoos.

Listen along to learn more about the woman behind those...